2018: The Year Ahead in Gaming

monster hunter world

If you love to spend some quality time glued to your screen enjoying some gaming then am sure you are eager to learn what to expect in the games industry this new year. I mean with time, we have had the opportunity to enjoy various video games with different animations and graphics and to be honest we expect to see bigger and better things in 2018.
The following are some of the upcoming video games of 2018.

1. Monster Hunter World

The video game is set to be released on January 26 and to be honest; this is a must-have game on your pc. The game promises some fun and action moments that you will forever remember. Basically, the game requires you( the player) to hunt down some bad guys in the town and after that use their corpse to recreate more powerful weapons to fight more dangerous guys. It is an enticing game that you must play.

2. The kingdom Come

The movie is due on 14 of February. Well as many may speculate, the video game is not about casting spells or any spiritual fights instead from the preview, we saw that the game involves one person who is fighting with the Roman Empire after transacting an unsuccessful business with them. Therefore the man who apparently is a blacksmith’s son has to use various magical power to fight the Holy Roman Empire soldiers. A great mystery game to try out Right!

3. Metal Gear Survive

This is among the most anticipated video games. Those who are addicted to alien and zombie video games have not been left behind since this game involves fighting some powerful zombies to survive. The video starts with a particular wormhole sucking in some army from the metal fear V whereby they are taken to another world with crystalline zombies. Therefore the main character, of course, you have to gather three more people to create a war base for your survival.

4. Sea of thieves

See how many treasures you can collect from the sea via fighting other competing enemies/ This is a great video game that you can engage in to measure your game fighting skills since it requires you to fight off other players to get more treasures from the sea. The video game also gives you a real experience of how to use the cannon firearms and also how to use a ship compass to sail.

Our Thoughts

The above reviews are some of the best video games that are set to be released in 2018. They are fun, and from the above information, we can see that they are set to bring more fun and a great experience for all video gaming fans. So let us wait and see.

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