Google’s New Game Stream


In the recent years, Google has been toying with gaming. It is now making a serious play to compete with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft with it’s yet to be released ‘Yeti’ video game streaming service. This service will be streaming games to people online without the need of dedicated PlayStation, consoles or even gaming computers. Google owns Chromecast and Android, gaming platforms that are very popular, accessible and low-cost and Yeti would operate from one of the, most likely the Chromecast platform to stream games for its users.

However, Chromecast has one major liability of game lagging and it is not yet clear how Google intends to overcome this hurdle. But sources indicate that there are several game publishers who are working with Google to finalize this project before it is released in the coming months.

If successful, Yeti will offer an alternative to Sony’s streaming service that comes with a $19.95 monthly fee. Sony’s service however has not been able to attract a large audience, due to a high price tag and older games, a factor that Yeti could capitalize on to gain popularity. There is also likelihood that Microsoft, which has also been discussing about launching a streaming service, might up the competition, although they have not announced any streaming product.

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