Blaming Video Games for Violence?

It has been argued for years now, do video games really cause violence? Media coverage of the issue has debated recent comments from Trump surrounding the issues of whether games are behind the violence in America. However, could we really eliminate the blood, gore, and guns in video games we know so well in today’s gaming culture?
No doubt gaming entertainment would in fact be different with violence removed if the White House did ban violent video games. However do we believe anything will come to light based on the recent comments from Trump? Only time will tell.
It seems that the government is looking for a scapegoat regarding the mass violence which has plagued the country’s youth. It does seemsomething is off in the average adolescent brain. But maybe it’s not the fact of video game violence that is so troubling to journalists, rather the public apathy regarding whether anything at all will be done about the gun crisis in the administration.
Watch this space…

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