Battle of the Witcher: Does Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on Xbox One stack up to the Original?

The Witcher game series is a big deal in Poland. When the former President Obama visited Poland a few years back, he was given a Witcher game series as a gift by the Prime Minister of Poland. That’s how popular this game is.

The Xbox One X Enhanced Version is a technological marvel. The developers revamped the PC original to achieve the best experience for players. When the Witcher 2 is run on 4k screen, it has a fantastic texture and good depth of field implementation. It’s above the competition in the market and betters the PC original in every way. The X Version now has smooth frame rates with a breathtaking environment. The game encourages a strategic approach to war combat for players. The voice acting and dialogue is sound. The X box Version software also allows a player to toggle between extra performance and high-resolution rendering.

If you compare the X Version to the PC, you notice how the color in some scenes in the PC look odd compared to the X scenes. The X version resolution of 3840×2016 on a full 4k display makes the characters look better than the PC. They look slimmer which is more real. The X Version has richer texture and shadow maps compared to the PC Original. The fps in the X version is mighty, to say the least when compared to the PC. The visual upgrades are easily noticeable, and a player does not require one to access high-performance modes. The Xbox one, X Enhanced version of Witcher 2, is better than the PC Original due to the backward compatibility, thanks to its implementation.

Developed by CD Projekt RED, the X Version is a must play console. It can end in different ways thanks to its sophisticated stories. Critics acclaim it for its completeness. Please get one and enjoy the experience.

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